Amazing TED Stories I Never Thought I Would Read

TED (conference)
TED (conference) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I will confess that I love TedTalks and all the associated events they hold. I will also admit that I do not read or view as many of the diverse topics that they cover probably as much as I should, whether due to time management or just laziness on my part, This morning I opened up WordPress in Reader mode to check things out as usual. TED always has weekend reading etc. posted on Saturdays and I actually read a couple of the articles.

The first was disturbing as it details the travails of the reporters who broke the Edward Snowden story and the consequences they have entailed during and since. I know a few people who are on the “List” and are subjected to extra security checks at airports. Of course, we decided it was stupid, etc. and all had a good laugh about it. This article has definitely given me reason to rethink this. Be forewarned, it’s a ten page article but fascinating to read.

On a totally other note, this article relating to the TED event in Whistler, B.C. really touched me. I understand the economic impact of the past few years and its repercussions. However, to read about the effects even hitting the elite – and yes, the people who are fellows in TED are in the 1% – being broke and struggling was quite an insight. The response from their fellows is also inspiring.

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